Wholesale Coconut Oil

At, we provide quality Cold Pressed, USDA Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil products and make it easy for you to start your own brand. We specialize in private label and can provide you with great quality labels as well as branding advice. See more about our competitive advantage below. Also, be sure to read more about us, and the coconut oil opportunity.

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Competitive Advantage

Top Quality and Regulated Assurance - We've heard numerous horror stories of people getting ripped off trying to order direct from foreign vendors and not receiving the quality or quantity they paid for. We've also heard of people only being able to find sources that sell by the gallon, so if they want to offer smaller sizes they need to bottle it themselves. This process can be time consuming, and can pose safety risks for the consumer if proper bottling methods are unavailable.

Our product has already come through US customs and is bottled and labeled in a US based, FDA registered facility. You get top quality, cold pressed, virgin organic coconut oil and your own brand without the risk of customs issues, or getting ripped off.

With coconut oil becoming more and more popular as a healthy oil, our focus is on cold pressed coconut oil means that your customers are getting oil that has retained its many great nutrients, and the delicious coconut flavor. We offer quality USDA organic coconut oil wholesale so you can offer your customers a great oil that has not been processed or chemically treated.

Flexibility - Thirty-two ounce bottles have become the default industry standard. Need 4oz, 8oz, or gallons instead? Want to use different labels for each order? Want a different bottle color? With our experience customizing products, all are possible. Read our private label section for more information.

Tailored Labels and Branding – We are experienced private labelers and are ready to help you create your brand. We offer free labeling and label design and will take all of your requests into consideration when creating the brand that will promote your business. We believe your stamp of approval is the most important for any label and will work with you to provide a label that can make you proud to call it your own.

Personalized Service and Advice - We respond to all enquiries guaranteed within 24 hours (but usually within 1 hour during the workday), Monday to Friday 9-5pm EST. We provide advice to help you sell our brand, or help you build your own. The best business and customer support guaranteed. Email us at anytime. See the about us section to learn more.